Data Driven Merchandising (DDM) Platform

One platform. One integration. Countless opportunities.

Fit Predictor

Using AI-generated fit data, finds a shopper's best fitting size in seconds, increasing loyalty and conversion.

Style Finder

Computer vision for shopping – fun, engaging and richer then text & tag based search and browse.

Outfit Maker

Delights shoppers with hyper-personalized outfit curation and recommendations at scale.

One Simple Integration

All products built on the Data Driven Merchandising (DDM) Platform share the same integration. Integrate once and unlock additional products on our DDM Platform.

Want to test Outfit Maker on your site? We can simply unlock a test for you.

User Experience

Secret Sauce crafts tools to solve customer challenges in apparel and footwear markets. Once the customer’s challenge is clearly defined, Secret Sauce develops tools powered by data driven technologies. Each of these technologies are specifically developed for specific experiences by Secret Sauce.

The collection of these technologies make up the Data Driven Merchandising (DDM) Platform. The DDM Platform empowers retailers to leverage the value of shopper and product data they already have. Retailers increase shopper engagement, drive incremental revenue, decrease costs and enable transformative user experiences through DDM.

Rigorous A/B Testing

We make all of our decisions based on empirical evidence. This starts with identifying customer challenges and using qualitative and quantitative analysis to define the problem.

Where it matters most, is when we launch our tools with our customers. We test to prove and quantify the value of the tool to the retailer partner.

Tests are performed via A/B testing where the control group is not shown the tool and the test group is shown the tool. The two group’s performance is then compared using KPIs such as Purchase Conversion, Average Order Value (AOV) and Revenue per Visitor (RPV).

Users who engage with our tools are never compared to users who do not engage with the tool. Such comparisons are heavily biased because the user segments who engage are demographically different from user segments who do not engage. Such a bias can mean as much as 100% or 200% higher conversions, most of which is not due to the tool but due to the fact that the engaged customers belong to a more valuable customer segment than those customers who do not engage. It is easy to misread such data as the success of the tool and make decisions that could potentially be adverse to the retailer.

For us, and our retail partners, objectivity and the integrity of our tests are paramount.

ROI Guarantee

Our tools come with a rock solid ROI guarantee. For more information on the ROI guarantee, please contact us.

Our tools come with a rock solid ROI guarantee. For more information on the ROI guarantee, please contact us

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Secret Sauce Partners, Inc. creates proprietary Deep Fashion Data and technologies to enable superior shopping experiences for leading marketplaces and retailers. With over 100 million users worldwide, the platform drives higher efficiencies throughout the customer value chain.