At Secret Sauce, we work with some of the largest e-commerce retailers and marketplaces in the world to transform how people shop online and in stores. We combine data from retailers with data we create using AI and machine learning to power innovative and powerful merchandising technologies.

As a Director of Customer Success, you will have one of the most important roles at Secret Sauce, overseeing and managing partnerships with the world’s top Fashion & Apparel e-commerce brands such as Gucci, Walmart, SSENSE, Columbia Sportswear, Harvey Nichols, and others. You will lead the team that act, as primary points of contact through the integration, launch, and post-launch phases of the relationship. You and your team serve as the face of the company for all day-to-day interactions and are responsible for ensuring our services are delighting our Partners and meeting and surpassing their expectations.


  • Develop and execute engagement and communication strategies to ensure our Partners have a high perception of value of our services
  • Oversee and direct the communication between our Partners and our internal teams
  • Lead the team that conducts the integration of our services with our e-commerce Partners
  • Ensure our services are delivering superior service post-launch
  • Educate our Partners about how our services work
  • Host business reviews to communicate the value our services bring our Partners
  • Evolve existing services and upsell new products to help meet the needs of our Partners

The majority of our team is located in Budapest, Hungary, but you'll be able to work remotely anywhere in the EU. #LI-remote



Must haves

  • Excellent written, verbal communication, and presentation skills in English (fluency in German, Spanish or other major languages is a plus).
  • Aptitude to build and foster new relationships: You will shepherd customer relationships from the early stages of the sales process through to post-sales setup and integration. 5+ years of experience in a client-facing role (preferably in customer success, consulting, or technical sales) will make you shine.
  • Ability to read the room: You have high emotional intelligence and can pick up on cues in discussions to identify both concerns and happiness. You will have lots of interactions and make decisions on the cues you pick up in those interactions.
  • Solid people management skills: You are a natural mentor, love helping others, have high empathy, and follow through on promises. Most importantly, you have the mindset and the ability to make others succeed.
  • Strong project management skills: You are organized, keep deadlines, and can manage multiple projects at the same time, effectively prioritizing tasks. Project management certifications (e.g. PMP) are a plus.
  • Analytical storyteller: You are able to interpret KPIs and build a story around KPIs to present to stakeholders in Quarterly Business Reviews.

If the role sounds interesting, apply now and get to know us during the interviews.  You can read more about our hiring process on Glassdoor.