KEEN's story

KEEN is a leading outdoor footwear retailer committed to revolutionizing the industry by creating new standards for design, sustainability, comfort, and durability since its inception in 2003. KEEN is committed to making original hybrid footwear for living outside - with an endless drive toward innovation and serving a passionate fan base. The Oregon-based company, whose products are sold in lead strategic markets/retail stores across the US, Canada, Japan, Europe and distributed worldwide, offers an expanded collection of everyday outdoor footwear and innovative hybrid collections for more extreme adventures for men, women and kids.

The challenge

From versatile water shoes to durable waterproof boots, offering an expanded selection of innovative footwear created a challenge. Previously, KEEN’s Fan Services team relied on internal feedback and try-ons. KEEN sought a more scalable solution combining their internal fan insight with a mass volume of quantitative behavioral fit data to bring a higher-touch, personal level of fit advice to all shopper cohorts. Delivering large-scale fit personalization to increase confidence would require a highly accurate, AI-driven technology that modeled fit advice on implicit shopper behavior.

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The Solution: Fit Predictor’s AI Generated Fit & Size Data

After an exhaustive RFP process, KEEN selected Fit Predictor as their fit solution of choice. Fit Predictor’s advanced algorithms respond to shoppers’ past behavior as it happens, including purchases and returns, to provide a non-engagement based customer experience and highly accurate fit recommendations.

Fit Predictor’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based approach leverages anonymous customer behavioral data. Learning from hundreds of millions of shoppers world-wide, its machine learning approach intelligently models fit and sizing data on 100+ million SKUs. Fit Predictor, the first and only fit solution to reach Marketplace scale, supports over 60,000 brands, normalizes sizing data and augments existing retailer and marketplace catalogs with new size, fit, and style attributes.

Successful Outcomes: Fit Predictor yields wins for Customer Service teams

By rolling out Fit Predictor, KEEN not only leveraged Secret Sauce’s network of 100+ million shoppers to uncover insights about their own shoppers’ behavior, but they also realized a significant win for their “Fans” by using data to personalize fit.


KEEN’s Fan Services team saw an over 50% drop in customer service call volume related to size inquiries and fit doubt, bringing fans greater confidence in making an online footwear purchase decision. Fit Predictor personalization democratized access to fit advice, which in turn enabled KEEN to redirect dedicated support resources for fit and utilize them elsewhere.


In the past, we prioritized fit feedback by relying on the ‘loudest’ complaints - but today, Fit Predictor gives us quantifiable data that guides our approach to customer ‘fit’ feedback.
Fit Predictor has dramatically reduced call volume to our ‘Fan Services’ team, allowing us to put those dedicated resources elsewhere - we love the way Fit Predictor unlocks deep fashion data to personalize fit.

Andrew Duffle, Director of Data Science and Innovation
Fit Predictor

Fit Predictor finds a customer’s best fit in seconds by leveraging and augmenting retailers’ data. For new customers without a shopping history, the Fit Predictor service predicts the best fit based on the customer’s size in other brands as well as other shopping behavior. Fit Predictor is currently being used by over 100 million unique shoppers per month across global markets.
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Driven by a passion for life outside, KEEN is a values-led, independently owned brand from Portland, Oregon, that’s on a mission to create original and versatile products, improve lives, and inspire adventures outside. Founded in 2003, it launched a revolution in the footwear industry with the introduction of the Newport adventure sandal and has continued to launch disruptive products and establish new standards for performance, comfort, and design. As a family-owned company, KEEN has made doing good part of doing business since day one. By working with non-profit partners, consciously creating its products, providing grant funding to grassroots organizations, and activating communities and individuals to protect the places where we work and play, KEEN puts its values in motion to leave the world a better place.
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